In 2007, C. Felix Harvey III ’43 and his family endowed The C. Felix Harvey Award to Advance Institutional Priorities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In creating this award, the family fulfilled its longstanding mission of social service and intended to recognize exemplary faculty who reflect the University’s commitment to innovative engagement and outreach for the benefit of communities on a local and statewide level.

The family gift has been groundbreaking from its inception, funding projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences that take exemplary faculty scholarship and move it out into the community to address real-world challenges. The award takes a model of scholarly engagement and outreach that is familiar in business and hard sciences and extends it to disciplines that have not been encouraged to grow or reach out in the same ways. Central to the family’s mission is support for the University’s commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Since 2008, The C. Felix Harvey Award has honored twenty-two faculty whose proposals best embody the humanities and/or social sciences methods or approaches that directly and positively impact constituencies outside the University.